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Make Me Iconic is a company that is taking an entirely new tack on designer home wares and premium souvenirs. We produce high quality products that people enjoy, connect with and want to talk about. Our goal is to bring the unsung icons of the city to life and into people's homes. At the same time our products aim to enlighten consumers by providing facts about the icons of the city and what makes them so special and iconic. Working with young, local designers our products make fresh things familiar and familiar things fresh.

Showcasing Melbourne's Most Sought After Designers.

Working with some of the best young, local designers, Make Me Iconic is transforming the unsung icons of the city into stylish and contemporary home wears and souvenirs. Everyone knows the landmarks of their own city. Tourists see them in photos; locals accept them as part of the backdrop to their lives. Icons are different. These are the unsung heroes of a city, things that locals not only accept, but grow to love. But only the locals of a city know what these icons really are.

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